As Livestock Owners Are Obliged To Have Animal Insurance

Insurance Options for Owners of Equines and Livestock Whether the animal in question is a horse or some other type of livestock, the owner should purchase insurance against loss or liability. Most people who own livestock have a financial investment as well as time and physical effort, so insuring their animals against loss makes good sense.

 There are multiple ways that animals can be injured or become unusable for their intended purpose. Horses are especially vulnerable to injuries due to how powerful they are and the sports they are trained for. A horse that has broken its leg is not likely to recover sufficiently to perform successfully. If the animal is a mare or stallion that can be used for breeding, the loss from injury may not be total. Unfortunately, an unusable gelding will be considered a total loss, so he may be euthanized after all reasonable efforts have been made for his recovery. Other kinds of livestock also have considerable value to the farmer. Dairy cows provide an income for the farm so long as they are able to produce a calf every year and produce milk to sell. Cattle are not as likely to suffer an injury that will end their productive life, but calving difficulties can and do occur. The loss of a good milk producing cow can set the farmer back a couple thousand dollars. Some people may believe that equine and livestock insurance is only necessary for farms that are large equine breeding facilities or corporate dairies. While it is true that expansive farms understand how important livestock insurance is to their business, small farms and individuals who have only one horse would also be wise to protect their investment through an insurance policy written to meet their needs. Although valuable horses and dairy cows are the most likely to be insured, other livestock operations can also benefit from insurance that will protect their investment. Ark Agency is one of the insurance companies that specialize in livestock protection policies, and one of their agents can help animal owners choose a policy that will suit their needs.

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