Care and insurance for rescue dogs

Having a pet dog at home is a blessing in many ways. You and your family get a constant companion and it brings a lot of warmth to your home. While most people buy a dog, others like to adopt one from the shelter homes. Unfortunately, many dogs are subject to abuse and rejection and are abandoned by their owners for some reason. Rescue organization takes in these dogs and provides them a better life. If you want to adopt a rescue dog, you can visit one of these organizations and bring one home. Some of the organizations give you full ownership while others may give only guardianship and keep their stake in monitoring the well being of the dog. In the case of rescue dogs, you need to be a little more cautious when you decide to accept the responsibility. Pet insurance can help you in maintaining the good health of the dog. You can check pet insurance reviews in Australia to find the most suitable plan that will help you in regular vet visits and treatments as and when necessary. Here we intend to provide your insight about the care and insurance of rescue dogs which would help you in embracing the dog easily.

  • Settling in your rescue dog

You would, of course, be excited about bringing your new pet home. But it is more difficult for rescue dogs to settle in. They may feel more anxious than usual. You can use the following tips to make the transition smooth.

  • Avoid constant petting and give it time to be friendly
  • Pay attention to create a safe and secure sleeping area
  • Let your dog explore the space peacefully
  • Make house rules from day one
  • Praise it for following commands for encouragement
  • Take it out for a walk

  • Insurance for a rescue dog

Insurance policies for rescue dogs are similar to any other insurance policy. It helps in managing the veterinary cost in case your dog fall sick or meet an accident. There are several different plans such as regular plans, third party liability, extra covers that include dental treatment are available which you can choose according to your needs.

  • Pre-requisites for buying an insurance policy for the adopted dog

The most important thing is to get detailed medical records of the pet you adopt. This will help you notify your provider and get a proper plan. Most of the organization would conduct a thorough vet check-up to get the details of any pre-existing disease.

  • The right time to get the insurance for the rescue dog

You should think of getting pet insurance as soon as you bring it into your home. Pets are often prone to many illnesses and injuries as they enter a new space. Insurance will help you taking care of pets in any unforeseen situation.

  • Insurance for older dogs

If you are taking an older rescue dog, you might need to pay more for the premiums of the insurance policy. Older pets need more medical attention and you need to include a wider range of cover for the insurance. This will make the plan a bit more expensive. Make sure that you are upfront and honest about your pet’s health while taking an insurance plan and also mention that your pet is a rescue dog.

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